Andover Stoves and Fireplaces

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The Stove Shoppe Near Andover, MA has a large selection of stoves for your home. They carry wood, gas, and pellet stoves that last a lifetime. They have fireplace designs that fit small and large homes using wood, gas, and electric heat. When you need stove inserts for your fireplace they have the largest selection around.

Andover Stoves and Fireplaces

Andover Stoves and FireplacesThe Stove Shoppe near Andover has wood, gas, and pellet stoves for your home or condo. They are made from cast iron or stone and last for years. They come in colors to fit any decor and styles to match any home. A properly installed stove can generate heat for up to eight hours. Wood burning stoves are still the most popular models. Freestanding stoves are easy to install in most any room of the house.

Gas stoves are efficient in heating the house. They burn clean energy and have the appearance of a wood stove while heating the house like a gas furnace. Often a gas stove can be installed without a chimney by being vented through a wall. When you want clean quiet energy a gas stove will provide this.

Pellet stoves are another type of popular stove. They often do not need to be vented through the chimney. They can be vented through a wall. Today’s pellet stove are automatic, you just fill the hopper with pellets and set the thermostat. The stove will turn on and off regulating itself. Good quality low ash pellets burn efficiently and often save you emptying the ash container.

Find the best selection of Andover stoves in the area! We carry many manufacturers like Regency, Hearthstone, Avalon, Lopi, and others. Stop by The Stove Shoppe in Andover to learn more.

Andover Fireplaces

At The Stove Shoppe near Andover we sell fireplaces that burn wood or use gas or electric heat. A fireplace is often more than a heat source it is a place to relax with family and friends in the evening. They come in different styles to fit any home from small to large. Wood fireplaces require a chimney to vent. Gas fireplaces are efficient and do not need a chimney. Also, we have many prefabricated fireplaces which can be installed with mantle and surrounds. Electric fireplace can be used all year and look like the real deal. Stop by The Stove Shoppe to find the right fireplace for your home.

Andover Fireplace Inserts

Our showroom has the largest selection of fireplace inserts anywhere. An insert is a wood gas or pellet stove that fits into your fireplace. This let’s you use your fireplace and save on fuel. All inserts have to be EPA certified and burn highly efficient fuel. It increases the efficiency of your traditional fireplace while letting you still enjoying using it.