Bedford Stoves and Fireplaces

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The Stove Shoppe near Bedford is a premium dealer of fireplaces. They have an extraordinary selection of fireplaces to choose from including wood, gas and electric. The many designs offered allow you to choose from a variety of styles that will not only add a source of heat but will add an attractive centerpiece to your home. The Stove Shoppe also provides a variety of stove inserts that may improve the efficiency or your masonry fireplace. A qualified staff of NFI certified professionals is available to provide installation.

Bedford Stoves and Fireplaces

Gas stoves are a highly efficient energy source. They are simple to use and require very little maintenance. They do not require cleaning and sweeping like a traditional masonry fireplace. Gas systems allow the flame to be controlled and some operate by thermostat. Some units also include a blower to help circulate warm air throughout the home. Gas stoves are available in a number of BTU output levels. The Stove Shoppe near Bedford has a wide range of gas stoves in an assortment of styles that will meet the heating requirements for any home.

Bedford Fireplaces

Bedford Stoves and FireplacesTraditional masonry fireplaces are an inefficient heating source. Much of the heat rises up the chimney. In addition, it may result in a high level of smoke in and around your home. There is also a great deal of maintenance involved with masonry fireplaces. Chimneys must be cleaned and ashes removed. The Stove Shoppe near Bedford offers both prefabricated electric and gas fireplaces as an alternative. Gas fireplaces are much more energy efficient and require very little maintenance. They may be controlled by a thermostat and ventilation doesn’t require a chimney. Gas fireplaces burn cleanly and there is no concern for smoke. Electric fireplaces may be operated simply for aesthetic purposes. They can be used year round to simulate a wood burning fire without producing heat. When needed, they may also be used as a heating source. The Stove Shoppe near Bedford has numerous attractive prefabricated fireplaces that can be installed with a mantle and surround. Alternatively, the installation may be in a drywall frame.

Bedford Stove Inserts

Stove inserts are a excellent means of improving the efficiency of a masonry fireplace. Inserts are stoves that fit inside a conventional fireplace and can be exhausted through the chimney. The stoves may burn gas, pellets or wood. Inserts may improve the efficiency of a standard masonry fireplace by more than 80 percent, significantly reducing heating costs. They burn cleaner, with less smoke. Inserts also reduce the amount of maintenance needed on the chimney. In the case of wood burning stoves, they burn significantly less wood than in the masonry fireplace alone. The advantage to using a wood burning stove is that if the power goes out, you still have a heating source. The Stove Shoppe near Bedford has a large number of inserts to choose from that can help improve the efficiency of your fireplace while retaining the natural beauty of a wood burning flame.