Dover Stoves & Fireplaces Near Me For Sale in Dover NH

When winter comes, Dover, NH residents consider alternative heating sources. Traditional wall fireplaces with hearths are rather inefficient in terms of heat conduction and outward convection. On the other hand, smartly designed free-standing stoves and fireplaces deliver heat throughout the room. They’re easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Best of all, these modern heating units don’t require a complete built-in-the-wall chimney. Free-standing fireplaces have chimneys that conduct heat directly into the room, and all that’s required is a ceiling outlet pipe. Insert fireplaces are becoming more and more popular because they fit easily into an existing wall fireplace and act as a stove. They produce plenty of heat, and that heat goes into the room, not up the chimney.

Gas And Electric Fireplaces
If you’re looking for an efficient Dover fireplace, consider a gas-burning unit. Many of these models are free-standing and can be placed in a corner of the living room. They don’t require a chimney and are thermostat-controlled. Per amount of fuel used, they are much more efficient than a wood burning fireplace.

Electric fireplaces often have simulated wood that glows. They don’t give off as much heat as a gas fireplace, but they also don’t use much electricity. They can be used year-round and will provide enough heat during cool evenings in the fall and spring.
Free-Standing Stoves
These units can be placed anywhere. They are smaller than a traditional fireplace but come in a wide variety of styles. Most are constructed of iron, steel, or some sort of alloy, and many of them have decorative leg post styling. Some are wood burning, and some models have gas line connection. Because they produce enough heat to warm the sides of the stove to a considerable degree, they conduct plenty of warmth in all directions. These efficient Dover stove units are affordable, can be used to heat water or other liquids without having to use the kitchen range, and require only some sort of forced exhaust outlet.
Fireplace Inserts
If you have an existing fireplace built into the living room wall, you might want to consider an insert. These box-shaped units come in a variety of sizes, and it only takes the distributor’s representative a few minutes to measure the fireplace and figure the appropriate dimensions. Once inserted into the firepit, these inserts can be fueled with wood, gas, or pellets. They’re easy to clean, and they conduct heat quite efficiently into the living room, where a ceiling fan does the rest to distribute the warm air. All modern fireplace inserts are EPA-certified.

Keep warm during the long New Hampshire winter. Cut down on your electric or gas bill with an efficient heat-producing free-standing fireplace, stove, or insert. Choose from a wide variety of models and styles, one of which will look fabulous in your living room.