Keene Stoves & Fireplaces Near Me For Sale in Keene NH

Located near the center of New Hampshire, Keene is a city with around 23,000 residents that hosts a Pumpkin Festival and a Music Festival each year that brings thousands of visitors. No matter how much you love living here, you might not love just how cold it gets in the winter. The temperature can easily drop to the freezing point by Thanksgiving and fall into the low teens by Christmas. As the weather remains cold well into spring, you may need to look for a few ways to keep your home comfortable and your family warm. Using fireplaces, fireplace inserts and stoves can help.

Types of Stoves

When you hear the word stove, you probably think of the one in your kitchen that you use for cooking, but stoves can also include appliances that you use in your living room, bedroom and any other room to stay warm. A wood burning stove is a popular option among those who want to heat their homes naturally. It uses real logs and comes with features like an adjustable knob that lets you set the temperature you want for your home and a timer that automatically shuts off the heat later. Pellet stoves are fairly similar but use small wood pellets rather than large logs. You’ll also find some that use an electric heat source or gas.

Choosing a Fireplace Insert

Though Keene fireplaces are popular additions to some homes, not everyone can afford the cost of installing a brand new model. You’ll need to pay a contractor to add a flue that allows the toxic fumes to safely move away from your home and your family. Fireplaces also require regular cleaning before using at the start of each season. If you have an old fireplace that doesn’t work or one that you don’t want to use, you can add an insert to use it an entirely new way.

Imagine curling up next to a roaring fireplace and feeling the heat surround your body as you play games, sing songs and have fun with your family. Inserts can make a non-functioning fireplace work perfectly and make an older fireplace easier to use. These inserts fit right inside the fireplace and have a tight fit to prevent any gaps along the sides. You can choose from different sizes based on the size of your fireplace, but you can also choose inserts that use gas, wood pellets or electricity. Some even come with replica logs to recreate the feeling of a roaring fireplace.

Don’t let another season go by that ends with your family wearing multiple layers and cranking up the thermostat just to stay warm. With Keene stoves and fireplaces, you can keep your home at the perfect temperature all winter long.