Londonderry Stoves & Fireplaces

At the Stove Shoppe in New Hampshire, we have a heating or fireplace solution for everyone. Many of our customers are seeking a more energy-efficient means of heating their home without running up the electric or gas utility bill. Some homeowners want a more attractive fireplace that actually heats the room instead of sending the warm air up the chimney. When winter arrives in Londonderry, utility bills can be a nightmare. We’re here to solve this problem.

Affordable Stove Solutions

Our Londonderry stoves customers want a freestanding unit that directs heat throughout the room. We offer attractive models that double as a fireplace and cooking unit. These stoves come in cast iron, steel, and stone varieties. We have so many models, it’s a sure bet that one of them will look fabulous in your living room, bedroom, or library.

These models come in woodburning, pellet, or gas fuel varieties. The woodburning stoves are attached to a cylindrical chimney pipe that can easily be installed without major alteration to the ceiling. The pellet stoves are remarkably efficient, and there’s very little cleanup between burnings. The gas-powered stoves are virtually 100 percent clean burning and don’t even require the installation of a chimney.

Fireplace Inserts
If you have an existing fireplace and hearth, you might be interested in an attractive insert. These models come in a variety of configurations and are generally matched to the hearth through design. Most have a masonry-style front that blends nicely with the stone or brick hearth. The gas units are energy-efficient, and the heat goes into the room rather than up the chimney. Some models have direct venting technology built right into the unit. This is an important consideration when it comes to the quality of the indoor air.

Wood Fireplaces
Our Londonderry fireplaces come in a multitude of designs, and we offer units from more than 10 manufacturers. The actual appearance of most of these models can be altered to blend with the existing wall materials. Stone, brick, and prefabricated composite materials are used to construct these fireplaces. Most modern designs optimize heat distribution by redirecting air flow outward rather than upward. If the concern is actual heat efficiency, don’t worry. At the Stove Shoppe, our primary concern is energy savings for our customer. A free inspection of the home will result in professional tips for choosing the right model.

Choosing The Right Model
Whether it’s a freestanding wood stove, a gas or pellet stove, fireplace insert, or traditional fireplace, we at the Stove Shoppe want you to make the most informed decision. When we come to your home to conduct an inspection, we take everything into account. This includes the square footage, number of rooms and the amount of free-flowing air space, and the amount of insulation. We even think about the heat loss due to prevailing wind direction. We’ll recommend the very best heating solution for every size and style home.

Our satisfaction with what we do rests on the satisfaction of our customers. Get ready to save money this winter and all year-round. Contact the Stove Shoppe today and learn more about the advantages of an energy-efficient stove, insert, or fireplace.