Manchester Stoves and Fireplaces

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Invite light and warmth into your life on even the coldest winter days with a fireplace or stove from The Stove Shoppe located near Manchester. Whether you are remodeling your existing house or building your dream home, The Stove Shoppe will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Manchester Stoves and Fireplaces

Manchester Stoves and FireplacesStoves used to come in only one type: wood. Wood stoves are attractive and serve their purpose well, but are not always desirable in today’s market. Few people have access to aged wood or the time necessary to chop it into firewood. Purchasing firewood can be expensive, and not everyone has the ability to transport wood home. Thankfully, there have been many advances in stove design, and now gas and pellet stoves are available to consumers who desire the beauty and functionality of a stove in their home, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of wood. Certain gas and pellet models do not require the installation of a chimney, instead venting directly out of the wall they are placed against.

Stoves of all types usually require only a small amount of floor protection and heat shielding, making them an excellent choice for people who want the warmth of a fireplace but do not want to dedicate much floor space to it. Stoves are heat efficient and provide a wonderful addition to any Manchester home.

Manchester Fireplaces

Fireplaces have long help an important place in the New England household. Even when the invention of central heating made a fireplace in every room unnecessary, people continued to install fireplaces in their home as central heating could not replace the feelings that go along with sound of crackling logs and the sight of flickering golden light against the walls.

Today, it is easier than ever to install a fireplace in your home. No chimney? No problem. Smokeless fireplaces, also known as ventless fireplaces, run on special fuels or electricity, allowing everyone to experience the enjoyment of a fireplace. They are efficient and often do not require the same expensive and lengthy installation process as a traditional fireplace. Why live in Manchester without a fireplace? The Stove Shoppe is here to help you find the perfect fireplace to meet your desires and your budget.

Manchester Stove Inserts

If you are in the Manchester area and are considering adding a stove to your existing fireplace, but are still unsure that you want to commit to the extra space it requires, consider a stove insert. A stove insert can increase the efficiency of your fireplace without the extra bulk of required for a stove. In addition, the elegantly designed hardware on the exterior will add extra charm and an element old-style decorum to any home. If you’re still unsure, visit The Stove Shoppe’s showroom where you can browse a variety of stove inserts and knowledgeable staff can help you decide if a stove insert might be the right choice for your home.