Merrimack Stoves & Fireplaces

When it comes to heating their homes, the people of Merrimack have more options than ever before. Whether you prefer the glow of a traditional fireplace or the efficiency of a heating stove, you’ll find the perfect solution at The Stove Shoppe in Merrimack.

Merrimack Stoves

Heating with a stove can give you incredible efficiency and versatility. Stoves may be powered by wood, gas, electricity or pellets. Wood-burning stoves are a popular and traditional choice. Typically made of cast iron or steel, these stoves are attractive and cozy. You may prefer a gas heating stove if you’re looking for something that emits less pollution and is a bit easier to maintain.

Electric heating stoves are the way to go if you want the look and feel of a wood-burning stove without the need for acquiring wood for fuel or additional maintenance. If you like, you can turn off this stove’s heating so you can enjoy the look of fire without raising your home’s temperature. Pellet-burning stoves rely on compressed wood or similar biomass material for fuel. Generally, these stoves have mechanical parts and must be connected to an electrical outlet.

Any of these Merrimack stoves may be ideal for heating your home. Contact The Stove Shoppe to learn more.

Merrimack Fireplaces

Like stoves, a variety of fuel sources can be used with fireplaces. The traditional choice is a wood-burning fireplace. Such a fireplace is ideal for immediately creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Whether it’s an open hearth or an enclosed hearth, you’ll find the perfect style for your home at The Stove Shoppe.

Gas-burning fireplaces are another popular choice. They tend to burn cleaner than wood-burning fireplaces, which means less pollution. They typically require less maintenance too. If you are looking for an attractive and cost effective means of heating your home, then a gas-burning fireplace may be the ideal solution.

An electric fireplace may be a great choice if you’re on a budget and looking for a creative addition to your home. Most of these appliances plug into ordinary outlets, and they let you decide whether or not the fireplace emits heat. You can even tailor the look of the flames to suit your mood. Look for electric fireplaces that can be incorporated into entertainment centers and other furniture pieces for the ultimate in style and convenience.

If you’re simply looking for a simple and effective way to use an existing fireplace, then consider adding an insert. These electrical appliances are available in numerous sizes and styles to complement your home’s style. This affordable option makes it possible for you to enjoy a cozy fire whenever you like with a minimum of fuss.

Both stoves and fireplaces can add significantly to the value of your home as well as enhancing its livability. Make the most of your living room or bedroom by visiting The Stove Shoppe in Merrimack today.