Portsmouth Stoves and Fireplaces

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In these tough economic times, finding a more efficient way to help heat the home is becoming a must. Fireplaces and gas stoves are an economical option to heating you home. However that does not mean you have to change the look of your home to add a new heating source. In the Portsmouth area, Stove Shoppe will help to find the fireplace, gas stove, or insert to fit your style and needs.

Portsmouth Stoves and Fireplaces

Regency Portsmouth Stoves and FireplacesStove Shoppe offers three different types of stoves: wood; gas; and pellet. A wood stove, if properly installed can be a continuous heat source for about 8 hours. Wood also is one of the most plentiful fuel sources available. With the advances in technology, wood stoves are safer than ever. The worries of chimney fires are a worry of the past. There is nothing more relaxing than watching a log burn. A gas stove can be installed in almost any room in the house. They provide the ambience of the wood stove but are a cleaner and easier alternative to the wood stove. The wood pellet stove takes the wood stove and takes it to the next step. Most of the time, the pellet stove does not require a chimney and can be vented easily. Cleanup is fairly easy if a good quality pellet is used. Depending on the pellet used, the stove does not need to be emptied for months. These stoves pretty much operate themselves. Set the temperature to what is comfortable to you and forget about it. The stove comes on automatic. Portsmouth there is a stove design to fit your d├ęcor and needs.

Portsmouth Fireplaces

The Stove Shoppe not only offers the traditional wood burning fireplace, but offers gas and electric fireplaces as well. Chimneys are mandatory with a wood burning fireplace. However with a Stove Shoppe fireplace, Portsmouth will be staying a lot warmer because the heat goes into the room and not up the chimney. Gas fireplaces are more energy efficient than wood fireplaces. There is also the option to operate them by a thermostat. They do not need a chimney for venting purposes. An electric fireplace can give the look of a wood fireplace without any of the mess or hassle. They can be operated efficiently year a round. In case of a heating problem, they can be used as a backup heating source.

Portsmouth Stove Inserts

There are many homes in Portsmouth that have masonry fireplaces that are basically sitting empty. Turn that empty fireplace into an energy efficient heating source by placing a stove insert into that empty space. A stove insert in a gas, wood, or pellet stove designed to fit into the space of the empty fireplace. This is a great way to enjoy your fireplace.