Salem Stoves and Fireplaces

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Stoves, fireplaces, and stove inserts are valuable and functional heating and cosmetic furnishings that bring style, warmth, and class to any home or business. These furnishings can be wood, gas, electric, and pellet powered. is a premiere online provider of these elegant products. Consumers in Salem, Massachusetts or NH can particularly benefit from these fireplaces and stoves as these residents have a historical record of style and class and they live in a cold environment, where additional heating is warranted. Residents in Salem should strongly consider obtaining these products from Stove Shoppe to obtain the highest quality at competitive pricing.

Salem Stoves and Fireplaces

Salem Stoves and Fireplaces for SaleA simple, refreshing, and traditional upgrade to any room can be a freestanding stove. They are very versatile and can serve several functions. These products can be made of cast iron, steel, stone, and more. Multiple finishes can be on these stoves that coordinate with any colors and decor and include powder coated, painted, porcelain enamel finishes and more. The addition of a vintage looking stove can bring the traditional and historical ambiance of colonial Salem into your home. These stoves can be wood, gas, or pellet and can be installed in your home by NFI certified installers from Stoveshoppe. Wood stoves provide adequate wood burning heat with no to minimal visible smoke and more chimney options than a wood burning fireplace. Pellet stoves utilize burning wood pellet and have strong advantages. These stoves may require no chimney and can be vented through walls. These stoves can also be fully automatic with a thermostat. Gas stoves are more heat efficient with lower maintenance. These stoves also typically require no chimney and require minimal to no venting.

Salem Fireplaces

Fireplaces have long been a strong part of a traditional home, for both a heating source and stylish decoration, just as Salem has a long past in United States history. Many homeowners and residents seem to think that implementing a fireplace into their home is a daunting task and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead of determining a home purchase based off whether it contains a fireplace or not or depriving yourself of one because it didn’t come featured with your home, you can obtain a top notch professional fireplace from Stoveshoppe. Cold days can get quite extreme in Salem so including an additional heating source that is beautiful is a win win situation. Pre-fabricated fireplaces with mantels or fireplaces installed within drywall frames can be incorporated into your home. Fireplaces manufacturers such as Jotul, Hearthstone, Lopi, Scan, and Avalon can be provided. Wood fireplaces must contain a chimney for the smoke of the burning wood to escape. Wood fireplaces that are prefabricated are highly efficient and distribute most the heat within the home. Gas fireplaces are even more efficient than wood and can be controlled by a thermostat. This gives increased control and comfort to the residents and a chimney is not required. Electric fireplaces are also available that provide the elegant appearance of a wood burning fireplace without heat. This is ideal for those interested in a fireplace for the furnishing and appearance more so than for a heat source. Custom glass doors can also be designed for existing fireplaces.

Salem Stove Inserts

Stove inserts are a great way to harness the benefit of a masonry fireplace without the huge loss of heat for consumers in Salem. This makes the heating source greatly more efficient. The insert is essentially a stove that can be wood, pellet, or gas that is inserted into the masonry fireplace.