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Avalon Wood Insert FireplaceEvery year, more than a million customers choose Avalon as there number one source for superior fireplaces, stoves, and stove inserts. Over the last thirty years, Avalon has become known as an award winning, innovative company that carries only the highest quality fire related products. Through their partnership with Travis Industries, they have developed several types of electronic, gas fuel, wood fuel, and pellet fuel appliances.

Recently, Avalon’s unique, stylistic, and green-minded wood and pellet burning appliances have earned a thermal efficiency rating of over 75%. This fact qualifies purchasers of these items for a $300 tax credit towards their 2013 tax credit returns. These returns are made possible by the Biomass Stove Tax Credit, which was signed into effect by the Obama administration. The Biomass Stove Tax Credit aims to encourage American consumers to purchase energy efficient items for their homes.

Avalon offers tremendous variety in the way of wood, pellet, and gas stoves. Each appliance is built with an eye to, both, style and performance. Models come in various sizes and are tailored to efficiently heat a many different area sizes. Maximum heat capacities range from the small 850 square feet of the “Eden” gas stove to the mighty 2500 square feet of the “Olympic” wood burning model.

Avalon pellet stoveTwo electronic fireplaces viewable on the Avalon Fire Styles website, http://www.avalonfirestyles.com, are the Seattle Electric Fireplace and the Hideaway E Electric Fireplace. With no need for chimney, vent, or gas access, neither of these fireplaces requires more than a standard wall outlet. Aesthetically, both offer the effect of real fire pulsating behind high clarity glass. Potential features include personal settings for the system’s power, sleep timer, room temperature, flame speed and interior accent lights. The Hideaway E Electronic fireplace also has the unique feature of an amazing built-in audio system adaptable for iPods, iPhones, and mp3 players. And, as a possible upgrade for the Seattle E system, The Purefire Clean Air System, will even purify the air of any standard room!

Avalon Electric StoveEach gas fireplace from Avalon must meet the company’s high efficiency standards. There unique and classy appearances are sure to meet any taste. All include controls for thermostat and flame regulation and, again, Avalon flame technology when applied to gas fireplaces invariably offer the effect of a real wood fire. Some of their gas fireplace models include:

  • Seattle High Output
  • 864 See-Through GreenSmart Winthrop
  • Winthrop™ TRV GreenSmart
  • 864 High Output GreenSmart
  • Seattle™ Diamond-Fyre™
  • Hideaway 21 TRV GreenSmart
  • Seattle™ 564 Space Saver GreenSmart

By themselves, many standard fireplaces today are not very efficient at heating a room. By nature, they pull in warm air from the area and much of the energy they produce tends to be lost up their chimney. This is why Avalon also carries several models of wood, pellet and gas fireplace inserts. All of are guaranteed to maximize an existing fireplace’s efficiency and turn it into a powerhouse for heat. There inserts also have the added bonus of helping consumers save on the expense of acquiring heating materials, making them a “must have” for anyone with a fireplace.