Pellet Stoves

Stop in one of our stores to experience the full product line we offer. Here is just a sample of some of the many different models of the pellet stoves we carry:

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Wood pellet burning stoves have all of the advantages of high-tech wood stoves and improve upon them! Chimneys may not be needed; in many cases the stoves can be vented directly through the wall behind the stove. Modern pellet stoves are almost entirely automatic. Fill the hopper of the stove with pellets, set the thermostat at the desired temperatures and watch the stove operate. The stove will turn itself off and on and regulate its heat output to suit you heating needs. Hoppers usually should be checked twice a day and topped off, even if they don’t need it. With a good quality, low ash pellet (less than 1% ash on a dry weight basis) you may be able to operate for days, weeks or a month without having to remove the ash container. Most pellet stoves can be installed within a few inches of a combustible material, requiring little, if any, heat shielding and minimal floor protection.