Gas Fireplaces

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gas fireplacesHaving a fireplace can warm the home and also the soul. Today, fireplaces are not only made for heating, but also for decoration and relaxation. Many people have a hard time deciding between a gas fireplace and a traditional wood burning fireplace. There are many benefits to a gas fireplace.

Gas fireplaces are less costly than a wood burning fireplace. It can save at least 25% on your energy bill. With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to buy or chop any wood.

Gas fireplaces are a lot safer not only for your home, but for you, your children, and pets. No fumes are being released into the air, which means it’s also better for the environment. There are no ashes that could spark a fire. It’s also very easy to clean. You’ll never have to shovel out soot and ashes or clean a chimney. Gas fireplaces have a venting system. Some states have even banned wood burning fireplaces, because they are unsafe due to their fumes.
There is a constant and consistent heat supply with a gas fireplace. With a wood burning fireplace, heat supply decreases when the log burns out. Gas fireplaces are warmer, because they usually have a blower already built in. This blower circulates the warm air through the home.

Another great advantage to gas fireplaces is that they are very easy to work. You can turn them on and off with just one switch of a button. Some models even come with a remote to operate the fireplace. The remote is just like a television remote. You don’t even have to get up to operate the fireplace.

Gas fireplaces can come in many different styles. You can pick the style that best fits you. This could add value to your home and even make it look more beautiful. Installing a gas fireplace is a lot cheaper than getting a wood burning fireplace built. You can even install it yourself. A great benefit is that you can put a gas fireplace anywhere in your home. You could put it in your bathroom if you wanted. There are many advantages to buying a gas fireplace.