Gas Stoves

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Using Gas Stoves As An Alternative Heating Source

With the downtrodden economy and people looking to be more self-sufficient, selecting a gas stove for a heating source is becoming popular. There are many different styles and models of gas stoves out there. So, how does a person know which is the best value and what will work best for their home?

Gas Fireplaces

These models look like a traditional fireplace but have the ability to offer a home high efficiency. There are many styles to choose from including contemporary and traditional looks but you get to control the temperature from a thermostat. If you want to heat a room to 70 degrees, simply set the fireplace thermostat and forget it. It works just like your furnace. The real advantage of this type of unit is the fact that it can cool a specific room. Those who live in large homes and don’t want to heat the entire home can heat the room they stay in the most, which adds up to big savings.

Direct Vent Gas Stove

Unlike the vent-less fireplaces listed above, these vented versions really have the ability to cool a room. There is no need for expensive duct systems, so older homes that are without can still use these. Ranging anywhere from 14,000 to 18,000 BTU’s, these stoves have the ability to really heat up a space. They require no electricity and that means that when a storm is brewing and the electric is out, your home will still have heat. These units also have a build in thermostat and a safety shut off so that your home is always protected. Those who are worried about safety shouldn’t be. These units have been approved for modular and mobile home use.

Wood Burning and Gas Stoves

What if you love the smell of logs crackling on the fire and want that option to have that nostalgic touch once in a while? The wood burning and gas stoves have the best of both worlds. These freestanding units give the area an amazing look and it has the ability to really save money. For all those who love the crackling of fire on logs, the wood burning gas stoves are an excellent option.

If you are one of those people who are concerned about saving money on energy costs, a gas furnace may be what you are looking for. Stops worrying about your energy costs and start enjoying the warmth of a new gas stove.