Wood Stoves

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An Efficient Way to Heat Your Home

Some of my best memories from childhood include the winter days and nights spent at the home of grandparents. I remember warming myself at the wood stove they used to heat their house and the wonderful aroma of the wood burning. My grandparents may have used a wood stove to heat their home but they didn’t realize some of the benefits of using a wood stove. Wood is far cheaper than using expensive electricity, natural gas or coal to heat a home. Using a wood stove also helps save expensive fossil fuels for other, perhaps more greatly needed, purposes such as transportation.

Wood Stoves for SaleFireplaces were the first uses of burning wood to heat homes and for cooking. But the average fireplace is not an efficient use of the heat from burning wood. Most of the heat escapes the house by going up the chimney. If you have a fireplace, you might want to consider the use of a wood stove insert. This is perhaps the easiest way to install a wood stove because the chimney to used to vent the smoke and saves the expense of having a flue installed. Burning wood in the stove heats the cast iron metal which radiates heat throughout your home. The door on the wood stove also prevents heat from escaping, as with a fireplace, and also contributes to more efficient and complete burning of the wood, extending the amount of heat.

Another type of wood stove are the boxed stoves. An example of a boxed stove is a Ben Franklin stove. When Mr. Franklin invented his stove, it was definitely a great improvement over a standard fireplace. It still is but these types of boxed stoves are not airtight and still lose some of the heat generated by the stoves. Airtight stoves with airtight doors make much more efficient use of your wood fuel. Many have regulators which allow you to increase or decrease the hot air flow into the room.

Pellet stoves operate using an alternative wood fuel, wood pellets made from wood pulp, often recycled wood, into pellets. Pellet stoves have a very high efficiency and many function by automatically refining with fuel based on settings you choose. Pellet stoves are perhaps the most efficient wood stoves available.

If you are looking for a great heat source to heat home this coming winter, consider the use of wood stove. Not only can they heat home with a less expensive fuel, but wood stoves can give you a wonderful ambiance on those chilly winter evenings.